-There is no established “fee” for your time with us.  We rely on the generosity of our guests to meet ex­penses. 

An “offering” of $80 per night is suggested** if the room/hermitage is used by an individual only (single occupancy), $100 per double occupancy ($50/per  person.) 

Even if you are not able to make an offering, you are still most welcome to come. 

- A one-time, non-refundable registration "donation/deposit" of $80 for each room/hermitage is part of the confirmation process. ($100/double occupancy) (The registration donation is considered a part of your retreat offering and is not a separate additional "fee".) 

If you do not (or cannot ) send a “Donation/Deposit”, it is necessary that you “re-confirm” your reservation within  30 to 45 days before you arrive.  If I do not receive a “donation/deposit” or you do not "reconfirm, your reservation by 30 days prior to arrival" your “reservation” is  subject to cancellation

- You may make a reservation by phone, email or in person. We will send you a confirmation upon receipt of your registration 

   information (Name(s), address, phone & emergency contact person and their phone).  

            -  Deposit is by check, money order, or any major credit card. 

Please call the Guestmaster's Office to use your credit card for donations or deposits. Please do not leave credit card information on our voice-mail system!

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*** Please note: Your "Tax Deductible Contribution" may be limited.  The "good-faith" estimate for goods & services received per each night's stay is $60 for single occupancy & $80/double occupancy ($40 per person/night) in each room or hermitage.  E.G.  An individual stays two nights and leaves a $150 "Offering".  The "fair-market value" of  the "stay" is $120.  The Tax Deductible donation would then be $30 ($150 offering - $120 fair-market value = $30 tax deductible "donation".)

Contributions that "exceed" the "Fair-market value" by more than $250 will also receive a letter confirming their donation, from the Monastery.    See: IRS Publication 526  “Charitable Contributions”