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   "Rooms" are in the Main House East Wing,  Green area:( St Gertrude, St Robert, St Scholastica, & St Benedict) See subpage (1) bottom of this page for detailed information.
  "Hermitages" are separate "cabins" located on the hill above the Main Retreat House  (not to scale > Hermitages are about 100 to 500 yards from Main House.
   The  Monastery is about 3/4 mile down the valley from the Retreat House Complex. (about a 20 minute walk down-hill about 100' elevation change.)

Information about Hermitages & Rooms

Hermitage-  A small "cabin" set apart from the Main Retreat House (Lodge Type Structure) by several hundred yards.  These eight Hermitages are in two distinct shapes, four are Octagons and four are rectangular.  Each Hermitage has a full bath,(complete with towels and Body & hand wash soap provided) small, complete kitchen, including Stove, full size refrigerator (with freezer) & microwave oven. There is a supply of Regular and Decaf- Coffee stored in the refrigerator, for your use. Some, common spices are also stocked, although one should not plan on specialty items for their cooking needs. They also  have been stocked with utensils, dishes, glass silverware & pots & pans.  This allows each guest to prepare their own fare and eat when it fits into their retreat plans.

The large room adjoining the kitchens, has a table & desk, "Lazy Boy" type easy chair and two "twin beds".  The linens are kept in the "trundle drawers" under the beds, which also serve as the "dresser" for clothing, when the beds are made up for sleeping.  There is a small deck or porch at the entry ways and large windows looking out over the valley.  These hermitages are all named for saints or martyrs, to give them a distinct recognition.  The Hermitages sit at an elevation of between 8, 100' and about 8,350' above sea level.

Rooms-  The "rooms" are really small "apartments" very similar in size and layout to the rectangular hermitages.  They have two twin beds, as well and the only small difference is a "breakfast bar" dividing the kitchen and "living" areas.  The rooms are in the "east wing" down the hall from the Main Retreat House entrance and are totally separate from the main common areas.  One of the Main House rooms is "handicap-accessible" and all are only a short way from the Main area and the attached Prayer Hall, overlooking the valley and a magnificent view of Mt. Sopris.

Ammenities:  The Retreat House can be compared to an "Inn & Suites".  We provide the sheets, blankets, towels, linens, cooking  & eating utensils and dishes.  There is soap for doing dishes, hand & body soap (please bring your "special" needs & toiletry items, as we do not have a Sundry or General Gift store on the property.) and we have Artesian water from the tap & electric or hydronic heat (no air conditioning.  Summer evening temperatures are usually in the 50-60 degree range, so night time heat is seldom a summer problem.)  The winter temperatures can be in the single digits at night, with a few "below zero" nights.  Winter days are usually in the teens to 30's and are quite sunny most of the year!

The Main Monastery does have a bookstore.  It features religious books, medals, tapes & CDs.  They also have a sampling of the "wares" from many of their sister and brother monasteries, like jelly & jam, chocolates, honey, cheese and their own brand of Snowmass Monastery Cookies, right here in the valley!  While a guest, you can use your credit cards to charge your Monastery bookstore purchases at the Guestmaster's Office at the Main Retreat House.  

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