Day Visitors Information

St Benedict's is the home of the Cistercian Monks who reside here in Snowmass.  The monastery is located about 6 miles south of Snowmass along Capitol Creek road.

The monastery is a working ranch, as well as a quiet space for both the monastic community and the guests who come to expereince the "silence & solitude" of life here in the mountains.

The public is welcome to come to the Main monastery, normally open during daylight hours, and are invited to attend three public liturgies held in the Main Monastery Chapel.

There are often "silent retreats" being conducted at the Retreat House, so we ask that all Visitors honor the silence and the retreat space by not entering the Retreat House when there are signs restricting entry.

 Liturgy with the MONKS

All retreatants and visitors are welcome to attend liturgy with the monks in the Monastery Chapel.

* (Due to Covid-19, Liturgy with the monks is not currently available to the public until further notice.)

4:30 AM  Vigils  (every day including Sunday)

7:30 AM  Lauds & Mass  (On Thursdays, only Lauds)

7:00 PM  Vespers  (On Thursdays, Vespers & Mass)

Sunday Mass is at 8:15 AM all year.

There is no public Sunday Vespers.

(Some services on Holidays are at different times.  Please check with the Guestmaster's Office if you are staying over a major holiday.)

     You are welcome to participate in both the recited and sung parts of the liturgy.  

Please listen carefully to the monastic choir before joining in recitation or song, and note the tempo, pace, and volume.  

Guests are asked to allow the Monks Choir to lead and to sing/recite in a soft voice.


     The monastery has a bookstore with a wide selection of reading material, cookies from our bakery, various items made in other monasteries, as well as a few commercial vendors.   

The Bookstore is open all day and operates on the “honor system”. 

 We are normally unable to accept credit cards at the Bookstore from the  general public . 

[Those staying with us may use their credit cards to purchase items by contacting the Guestmaster's Office at the Retreat House.]    
Bankruptcy Lawyers  

The  BOOKSTORE is in the Main Monastery, follow the signs to the "Chapel".