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The Retreat House at

St. Benedict’s Monastery



           'All guests who present themselves are to be welcomed as Christ,

         for he himself will say, “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”               

 ~ Rule of St. Benedict'


RETREAT Information



1012 Monastery RoadSnowmass CO 81654

Telephone: 970-927-1162   e-mail:


Individual Retreats


We are pleased to share the beauty, silence and solitude of our valley.  We seek to provide an atmosphere and surroundings helpful in strengthening and deepening your spiritual life.  Our Retreat House ministry is intended to share these values and practices with our guests.  Our emphasis is on serving guests, who have these values at the core of their retreat experience. 

The retreat facilities were designed and built to foster the spirit and practice of silence, solitude, meditation, and prayer. Individuals may come and enjoy the "Silence & Solitude" of our valley and the Retreat Facilities. Although the majority of space is often used by "groups", those not used are reserved for individuals to come and have an "individual retreat". (Those who come on "individual retreats" have their own space, and are never assigined to share a hermitage or apartment. They may, of course, bring another person, since all spaces are equipped to accommodate two persons.)

We strive to provide a welcoming spirit to all who come. We do not, however,  provide directed retreats for individuals or groups.  

         In keeping with the primary purpose of our facility to provide a welcoming space for people seeking silence and solitude, we ask that guests plan a minimum of two nights and a maximum stay of ten days with us.  It is also not our intention to compete with local lodging for overnight stays or other activities that might be better accommodated at other facilities in the area (ski trips, reunions, weddings, social gatherings, etc.). 

“In order to provide the maximum opportunity for many people to enjoy this environment, guests are asked to have only one reservation, active in our system, at any time.   We no longer have a  “waitlist”, since all open time is available on our website.

Your time here is spent on activites and prayer that you are drawn to.  The Monastic Community invites you to join them at any or all of the three liturgies each day, Vigils (4:30 AM), Lauds/Mass (7:30 AM) and Vespers (7:00 PM) if you desire.  You may join the community in the Main Monastery Chapel for these services. (Schedule differs on Thursday and Sunday: Mass Thursday 7:00 PM; Sunday, no evening Vespers for the public.)



Due to Covid -19, the Monastic Community will be practing social distancing for the foreseeable future.  As a result, all liturgies and daily Mass will be done privately by the monks in the monastery and will be closed to the public until further notice.


The Main Retreat House is comprised of:


- Four guest apartments,

- Library area                                                                                        - Small lounge & library


The Retreat House accommodates private retreat groups on a once-per-year basis. Individuals are also welcome to schedule private retreats during times of “Group Retreats”. Please be aware that there may also be a silent or “Group Retreat” in progress in the Main Retreat House.  Entry into and use of the Main House is limited to those who are part of their “Group’s” retreat.   Others are asked to limit their entry to the Main Building only to use the telephones or to visit the Guestmaster’s office.  When there is not a “Group Retreat” in session in the Main House, all guests are welcome to use the Main House, library and prayer hall at any time. Individual guests are also welcome to use the Guests’ Meditation Room in the guest wing of the monastery. (Please See GROUP Retreat Information on this site)



The Main Retreat house will remained closed to the public for the rest of 2020 due to Covid-19.  

Group retreats have been cancelled for the remainder of the year.

Retreat House 4


- Group Retreat’s kitchen & dining room

                                                                                                                        -  Mt Sopris Over Retreat House

Prayer Hall & front deck

Inside Prayer Hall-Beams in Copula  


Retreat House 2


            - All of the “rooms”/ hermitages are set up for double occupancy, with two, twin-long single beds.

- Each room and hermitage has a private bath and fully equipped kitchen with stove, oven, microwave, 

refrigerator/freezer, toaster,   and coffeemaker. (De-Caf & Regular Coffee is provided & stored in the Refrigerator for 

your use)

Individual retreat guests prepare their own meals.  (We are not staffed to provide individual’s meals in the Retreat 

House. Groups provide for their meals.)

- Each kitchen is fully equipped with all necessary cookware and dinnerware for meal preparation and service.

- Units are stocked with regular and decaf coffee and a few basic spices. Generic hand soap is provided as well as dish 

washing detergent.

- All other food is brought here by the individual guest.  (Most shop at a local grocery on the way to the retreat house, 

while others bring food from home.) 

- Bed linens and towels, and "generic" soap,  for two people, are provided in each room and hermitage.

"Bernie's Rock" ~ 8,600' ASL

                                 Four Hermitages are Rectangle Shaped> St Bernard, St Aelred, Atlas Martyrs & St Joseph


                                                HERMITAGEs Octagonal Shaped 

(St Clare, St Teresa, St Bridget, St Mary)

         Wooden Archway "Gate"(Monastery is "framed" in Arch) 





                  Three bedroom Gate House (one twin bed/per room)


- Reservations for space in the Retreat House can be made up to 11 months in advance of the time you wish to come. 

- All available "open time" is  published on our website, under Available Dates- Individual Retreats

- To reserve a room or hermitage, you may call the Guestmaster at (970) 927-1162 or email:     .

- In order to provide the maximum opportunity for many people to enjoy this environment, guests are asked to have only one reservationactive in our system, at any time.  

- Guests may generally stay a maximum, of ten, and a minimum of two nights.  Open dates for individual retreats can be found on this website.  See "Available Dates- Individual Retreats". 

  - All accommodations are on a "first come" basis.   Space can not be held without a formal "reservation", including registration information & formal "confirmation" from us. We would be pleased to complete any reservations, should the dates remain available upon your confirmation reply.

-Requests for "specific hermitages" can be made, however, the needs of the Retreat Center (flow, maintenance, cleaning etc.) will receive priority over "specific hermitage" requests.  Hermitages are assigned on the "Guest List", posted on the inner "Glass Doors" at the main Retreat House entrance. (Use the entrance in the middle of the parking lot, down the steps to the "double doors" and enter there.)




                               Octagonal Hermitage Room & Kitchen

Rectangle HERMITAGE Room

Items to note:

The most accessible EMERGENCY CONTACT PHONE NUMBER:  (970) 927-1377 (Located in the Main Retreat House Kitchen, near the back door)  

This number has an answering machine, not monitored by the staff.  If people need to contact you on an Indvidual retreat, please check this phone for your messages.


To help foster the atmosphere of contemplation and prayer the following items are not readily available:

- Phones* (no phones in any rooms/heritages)  

(There are two public phones in the Main Retreat House, near the main entrance.   Long distance calls require a 

   "telephone credit card/calling card") 

- Cell phone reception: AT&T service is availalbe in the Main Retreat House "phone room".  All other carriers are not available on the property.

   (There may be a "signal available" along Capitol Creek Road or at Bernie's Rock??)

-  No Internet or Wireless access* - 

 There are no phone lines in the hermitages or rooms.  (Two phone lines are available near the entrance in 

  the Main Retreat House and long distance requires a "phone/credit card card" available from a "retail outlet".)

  There are no fax machines available for guest use.   


   *The office equipment in the Guestmaster’s office is not available for guest use at any time.  

- Laundry facilities - not available on the Monastery grounds.

- Pets are NOT permitted in the facilities or on the Retreat House grounds. (The Retreat complex is located in a "game migration 

    corridor".)  Only "Service dogs" are permitted with their owners, per the ADA.


How to receive "Emergency" Phone messages:

- We have a phone and answering machine, available 24 hours/day, located in the Main House kitchen. "Kitchen Phone"  (970) 927-1377  for emergency contact on retreat.  

- The Kitchen phone is equipped with an "answer machine" and may be periodically checked by the individuals for their calls or messages. (Located next to the microwave on the counter near the kitchen back door.) 

- The "office" phone, (970) 927-1162 is only available during normal business hours (8:30-4:30) Monday-Friday.  

- Messages left on the "Office" voice-mail in the evenings may not reach the retreat members until the next day.  The Monastery phone is also not monitored during the night hours.

   COST ??

-There is no established “fee” for your time with us.   We rely on the generosity of our guests to meet ex­penses

- An “offering” of $80 per night [***"IRS fair market value" of goods or services received) is suggested if used by an individual only (single occupancy),  

$100 ["IRS fair market value" of goods or services received] per double occupancy ($50/per person.)     

- Even if you are not able to make an offering, you are still most welcome to come. 

- A one-time, non-refundable registration "donation/deposit" of $80 for each room($100/double occupancy) is part of the confirmation process.  

(The registration donation is considered a part of your "retreat offering" and is not a separate or additional "fee".) 


If you do not (or cannot ) send a “Donation/Deposit”, it will then be necessary that you “re-confirm” your reservation within  30 to 45 days 

before you arrive.  If I do not receive a “donation/deposit” or you do not "reconfirm", your reservation by 30 days prior to arrival your 

“reservation” is  subject to cancellation. 

- You may make a reservation by phone, email or in person. We will send you a confirmation upon receipt of your registration information (Name(s), 

address, phone & emergency contact person and their phone).  

            -  Deposit is by check, money order, or any major credit card. (Please call the Guestmaster's Office 

                 to use your credit card for donations or deposits.)

Bankruptcy Lawyers

        *** Please note: Your "Tax Deductible Contribution" may be limitied.  The "good-faith" estimate for goods & services received 

                    per each night's stay is $80 for single occupancy and $100/double occupancy ($50 per person/night) in each room or hermitage.  

                    E.G.  An individual stays two nights and leaves a $200.00 "Offering".  The "fair-market  value" of  the "stay" is $160.00.  

                    The Tax Deductible donation would then be $40 ($200 offering - $160 fair-market value = $40 tax deductible "donation".)

                    Contributions that "exceed" the "fair-market value" by more than $250,  will also receive a letter confirming their donation, from the Monastery.   See: IRS Publication 526 “Charitable Contributions”



    The rooms are available anytime after 2 PM the day of arrival.  Checkout is by 10:00 AM on the day of departure. The "registration" is completed "online" or by "phone" or U.S. MAIL.  

Your  name will appear on the "Guest List" on the Main Retreat House "inner glass, right door" and you will then proceed to your accommodation.  

(Please bring a flashlight if arriving after dark.  They are "spare" flashlights in the vestibule area of the Main Retreat House entrance.) Go through the Main Retreat House wooden doors (see below) and the glass doors are just inside.

Main Retreat entrance
"Guest list" on "inner glass doors"




 Liturgy with the MONKS

All retreatants and day visitors are welcome to attend liturgy with the monks in the Monastery Chapel.

4:30 AM  Vigils  (every day including Sunday)

7:30 AM  Lauds & Mass  (On Thursdays, only Lauds)

7:00 PM  Vespers  (On Thursdays, Vespers & Mass)

Sunday Mass is at 8:15 AM all year.

There is no public Sunday Vespers.

(Some services on Holidays are at different times.  

Please check with the Guestmaster's Office if you are staying over a major holiday.)

     You are welcome to participate in both the recited and sung parts of the liturgy.  

Please listen carefully to the monastic choir before joining in recitation or song, and note the tempo, pace, and volume.  

Guests are asked to allow the Monks Choir to lead and to sing/recite in a soft voice.




     The monastery has a bookstore with a wide selection of reading material, cookies from our bakery, various items made in other monasteries, as well as a few commercial vendors.   

The Bookstore is open all day and operates on the “honor system”. 

 We are normally unable to accept credit cards at the Bookstore from the  general public . 

[Those staying with us may use their credit cards to purchase items by contacting the Guestmaster's Office at the Retreat House.]    
Bankruptcy Lawyers   

The  BOOKSTORE is in the Main Monastery, follow the signs to the "Chapel".


Due to Covid-19, the Bookstore is currently open to guests by appointment only. 

There is a sign-up sheet located inside the front doors of the Main Reteat House 



Mt. Sopris- 12,953'



The Retreat House elevation is about 8,000 feet. During the summer months daytime temperatures are nor­mally in the 70s, with afternoon showers always a possibility.  Night temperatures can dip into the 40s and 50s.  In winter we may have snow, and day temperatures may reach the 30s or 40s, while evening tem­peratures may dip well be­low freezing.  Sub-zero temperatures are rare, but possible. This is mountainous country, and the monastery is approximately ¾ of a mile from the Retreat House down a moderate sloping road.



Other Information


The Retreat House accommodates private retreat groups and individuals on a "confirmed reservation" basis.   

Individuals are also welcome to schedule their own individual private retreats. 

Please be aware that there may also be a silent or “group retreat” in progress in the Main Retreat House.  Entry into and use of the Main House is limited to those who are part of their “Group’s” retreat. Others are asked to limit their entry to the Main Building only to use the telephones or to visit the Guestmaster’s office, during periods of Group Retreats.     

When there is not a “Group Retreat” in session in the Main House, all registered guests are welcome to use the Main House, library and prayer hall at any time. Individual guests are also welcome to use the Guests’ Meditation Room in the guest wing of Monastery, near the Bookstore. Please respect other's "silence & solitude" when using combined facilities

    Access-  Disabled people have access to the Main Retreat House and the Monastery, including the Atrium to the Chapel.  Parking, ramp access to the Main House and entrance are designed to help facilitate access. We maintain one barrier free "apartment" in the Main Retreat House that is set up for those who would prefer the more spacious bathroom and fixtures, lower closets & shelves and a more accessible kitchen area.  Access to the Monastery is also available.  Please contact the Guestmaster's Office to find specific information on those facilities or special accommodations  you may require.


 Meditation Room - Monastery "Guest Wing"








[For information about Centering Prayer Intensive Retreats, please contact Jennie Curtis, Registrar

Contemplative Outreach of Colorado, at or (970) 963-1258